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Euro Motor Giant is a family business started in 2004 in connection to international shipping & freight forwarding industry


Last 12 years gradually we have managed to build enviable reputation for supplying high-end market luxury vehicles and middle class pessanger cars to our customers worldwide.


In 2004 through our personal contact we managed to export a Lamborghini luxury car, this was our first ever shipment in this niche market.


Since then we slowly began to export more and more high-end market vehicles and as well as middle class family cars, trucks etc. to Africa and Asian countries.


Through our valuable long-term experience, trust and reliability we have managed to build very good relationship with our suppliers as well as customers.


We never "over promise and under delivery" in our dealings instead we promise only if its possible and we stand up to our promise regardless its profit or lost.


Last 12 years we have gained indepth knowledge & experience in the industry which enabling us to offer expert advice on all areas of the international vehicle market. 

We have specialised in new and used cars from all leading manufacturers and established association with major dealers & manufacturers

We are not here just to sell vehicles, we do this export business passionately therefore our aim is to provide you with great service, the best advise and continued support throughout the buying process. 

We also provide information, advice and other services to each individual customer based on their requirements.


You are more than welcome to have a face to face meeting to know more about us, please  contact us


Please call us on +44 203 617 1720 or   +44 078 62276050 +44 078 62276050 or use our email

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